New Zealand: Day 4 – Hobbits and Glowworms

Before I went to bed yesterday, I messaged a guy I knew who lives in Auckland. I had tried to get in touch with him previously to let him know that I would be in town, but to no avail. Fiona encouraged me yesterday evening (over those infamous gin cocktails) to give it one last try. So I did, I messaged him before I went to bed, and he replied really quickly! Oh my god, I was sooo excited I couldn’t believe it! Who is he?

Today’s tour was planned long in advance, however, for a brief moment I wished I hadn’t made these bookings because then I could have met with Auckland guy, but (deep breath) let’s be realistic. So I went to visit Matamata, which is where Alexander farm is located, home to the movie set of Hobbiton (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings); and then on to the Waitomo Caves, which features thousands of glowworms.

I am not a big fan of big tourist bus tours, but this one was the only one who offered both experiences on the same day so I did it. Hobbiton is just the cutest and most perfect place. Wonderfully landscaped gardens, all Hobbit holes (front doors and gardens) were designed beautifully and with the greatest attention to detail, from washing hanging outside to dry, over flower pots to tools in the front garden. Plenty of opportunity to take pictures. Unfortunately the guided tours do not allow to linger and to take your time (no entry without a guide), but it is worth it nevertheless. At the end of the tour you finish at the Green Dragon, the Hobbit’s local pub and are offered a special brew.

The caves are impressive, immediately my imagination goes wild, playing through the moment the caves were discovered and what it would be like to explore this unknown place for the first time. Pioneer spirit. The cave’s ceiling is covered in thousands of glowworms, which give it a magical touch. Unfortunately, taking pictures is not allowed. Nor was talking 😉 (although there was a lot of whispering and giggling going on).

All day Auckland guy and I tried to figure out when best to meet (thank goodness for the WiFi on the bus). I will leave the city in 3 days, he will be away for the next 3 days, leaving this evening. So realistically we may not be able to meet after all. And I am gutted and rather sad about it. I would have loved to see him again (no hidden agenda, I know he has a girlfriend) because I know he understands me. And I could do with a bit of TLC, I feel lonely. These past few weeks really caused quite a stir, Italian guy is spooking around my mind and my emotions fly high with the slightest push. So maybe not seeing Auckland guy is bad news. I managed to not cry not he bus, but believe me – I was close. I must snap out of this!

Links: Hobbiton, Waitomo Caves


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